That Angel



In an old legend, a baby, about to be born, says to God :

You are going to send me down to Earth But, how can I live

down there, being so small and weak?

In all my angels, I have hidden one who will watch over you,

answered God.

But here in Heaven I sing and smile every day, and this is

enough to make me happy.  Can I do this there?

That angel will sing to you and smile with you every day, and

the songs and smiles will make you very happy.

And how will I understand when they talk to me, if I don’t

know the strange language they speak?

That angel will talk to you and teach you the sweetest and most

tender words a person ever heard.

What will I do when I want to talk with you?

That angel will join your little hands and show you how to pray.

I have heard that there are bad people on Earth. Who will defend me?

That angel will defend you even if it would cost their life.

But I will always be sad if I can no longer see you, Lord.

Without seeing you, I will feel so alone.

That angel will talk to you about Me and will show you the road

you may follow to return to my presence, said God.

In all the immense peace reigning in Heaven not a voice was heard,

then the baby sweetly said:

What is that angel's name, Lord?

And God answered,

That angel is named

" Mother"